Sicily is a mess? Italy Mafia: black me so many years, enough?

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original title: Sicily is very messy? Italy Mafia: black me so many years, enough?

movie "the godfather" is popular in numerous countries, bring huge advertising benefits at the same time to Italy to Sicily, also brought many negative problems, and the tourism industry in Italy has a negative thing to take Mafia as a shield, such as the 2016 Sicily tourism income decreased by 20% when the tourism bureau pointed out to Mafia tourists not to Sicily...


Mafia really make Sicily dark?

In March

2017, CNN made a survey of ten suggestions for Sicily travel. The first point is that Sicily does not always live in Sicilian people, especially in the late stage, which leads to a large number of refugees, which leads to a worse day in Sicily. The travel city's influx of refugees and Africans, at some level, can be said to be the main reason for the deterioration of public security. With the general dark skin of Sicilian aborigines, many tourists regard refugees as indigenous people.

Sicily Mafia reputation is very poor, especially on the Island Hotel, restaurants and shops, almost all Mafia blackmail or request to pay protection fees, but the Mafia members Kossa has retorted: tourists is the lifeblood of Sicily, we never disrespect for tourists, although sometimes there is a conflict, but we must not tourists use violence. But those who claim to be posing as a Mafia, we are black for so many years is not the end?

at the same time, Kossa also gives advice: Sicily has been "aggressive", so don't make them unhappy things, especially not provoking their bottom line. Unfortunately, some young people (refugees?) When they are robbed or extorted, they only lose money with them, but resistance will hurt the body.

actually, there is no saying in Sicily that the public security is so bad. The more tourists gather, the safer it is. Although Italy police have been mocked for years, they still have a certain deterrent, especially the public security of famous scenic spots and coastlines, not worse than other countries.

2015 also had a funny thing: a British female tourists habits of clothing and the wallet on the beach, it was passed by the India tourists to go along, female tourists on face book then wrote "Sicily Mafia too rampant," was just a Mafia leader saw his wrath ordered to find this man, the police said nothing about it, they will only catch Indians cleared "wrong one night".

There are many examples of

, so the police in Sicily have been tucking away for countless times, but many tourists do not buy it. There are many netizens on the nutshell online to consult the public security problems of Sicily. Almost one side says Sicily is a safe place to travel.

is a main point of praise which over 1300 times the thief said: Italy Sicily also has many, but Sicily thief than most European countries should take less, because this is the mafia. From one perspective, the existence of Mafia but the integration of Sicily and order, because they think of themselves as "great gang", disdain to steal.

, a German female designer who lived in Sicily for 10 years, responded that no city in Sicily had ever appeared in the world crime rate list, which is much lower than most European cities. Countless times in Sicily, I went shopping in the middle of the night or camped at the seaside. I never had an accident and had been helped by the local people many times.

2015 small in a trip to Sicily in 8 days time, it certainly can be said that Sicily is safe, although can be seen everywhere drink together young people, but with Germany or France late at night on the street everywhere drunk city compared to Sicily is more elegant, full 8 days did not see the streets drunk there.

of course, the details of how the Sicily, but also on everyone to know personally, everyone's views are not the same, but not repeated, this article gave a fans for help to ask questions, hope you can be satisfied! (welcome attention, also welcome for comments or questions, know not answer) return to the Sohu, see more


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