The largest private psychiatric hospital IPO: the annual revenue is 400 million, and the 3 year death accident is 16.

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original title: the largest private psychiatric hospital IPO: annual revenue broken 400 million, 3 years of death accident 16

with the concept of "mental illness two years before the first stock listed in Hongkong Wenzhou Corelle hospital, is now A shares to launch sprint.

12 22, Wenzhou Corelle hospital Limited by Share Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "Corelle hospital") appeared in the IPO pre disclosure list of the SFC's official website.


prospectus shows that Corelle hospital plans to raise 193 million yuan, which will be invested in the construction of new hospitals, expansion and training centers.

, a psychiatric hospital established in 1996, has invested 10 private hospitals and managed 8 medical institutions as of June 30, 2017. Now it is the largest private psychiatric hospital in China, with a market share of second.

Wenzhou psychiatric hospital doctor resigned and founded Corelle hospital


prospectus, the current shareholders holding more than 5% of the Corelle hospital were Guan Weili, Wang Lianyue, Wang Luna, Telford fund. Guan Weili and Wang Lianyue are spouses, and Wang Lianyue has a relationship with Wang red moon. Guan Weili holds a 25.12% stake in the company, Wang Lianyue holds a 5.20% share, and Wang Hongyue holds a 5.46% share. In addition, the corporate shareholder def fund holds 21.06% of the shares. Guan Weili and his spouse, Wang Lianyue, share a total of 22 million 144 thousand and 750 shares of the company, accounting for 30.32% of the total share capital of the company, which is the controlling shareholder and the actual controller.

data shows, Corelle hospital founder and chairman Guan Weili in 1987 from the Wenzhou medical school after graduation, was assigned to the Wenzhou psychiatric hospital as a doctor. In 1996, Weili tube from Wenzhou psychiatric hospital subsequently resigned, and his wife Wang Lianyue (the then Wenzhou psychiatric hospital nurse) who founded Corelle hospital, initially only 50 beds zhang.

income 70% comes from a hospital



prospectus shows that the main business of Corelle hospital covers diagnoses and other medical services, sales of medicines, and management services for other medical institutions.

in terms of revenue, Corelle hospital to achieve sustained growth in recent years, from 2013 to 2016, its operating income was 226 million yuan, 296 million yuan, 344 million yuan and 415 million yuan, net profit also increased year by year, respectively 36 million 194 thousand and 200, 51 million 198 thousand and 600, 51 million 621 thousand and 900 and 65 million 551 thousand yuan.



2014 -2016 and 1-6 months of 2017, the overall gross profit rate of the company was 38.98%, 38.06%, 34.51% and 32.49%, showing a decline. Corelle hospital said, because mental patients rely more on the way of medical insurance payment, so compared with ophthalmology, Department of Stomatology and other specialized medical institutions, psychiatric institutions have relatively low gross margins.

according to the Frost&, Sulivian Research Report, according to the group income in 2016, Corelle hospital is the largest private psychiatric hospital group in China, ranking second in the overall psychiatric market in China. As of June 30, 2017, Corelle hospital actually put into operation 10 self owned hospitals, and managed 8 medical institutions. The company actually has 3050 beds in its own operation and 1100 beds in management.

The main income of

Corelle hospital comes from drug sales and diagnosis and treatment services. The two business accounts for 25.33% and 69.81% respectively. Because of the higher gross interest rate of diagnosis and treatment services, the overall gross margin of the company is also maintained at a high level. In the single business of the hospital, the gross interest rate of its management services was up to 77.39% in 2014, but it fell to 48.34% in the following year.

, it is worth noting that although Corelle hospital has developed into a hospital group, the main income of the group is from Wenzhou Corelle hospital. Data show that in the 2014-2016 years and 1-6 months of 2017, the sales of drugs, treatment and other medical services in Wenzhou Corelle hospital accounted for 75.34%, 70.76%, 67.91% and 61.55% of the total sales of drugs, medical treatment and other medical services, respectively.

Wenzhou Corelle hospital was evaluated by the Zhejiang Provincial Health Planning Commission as the three class a hospital in 2013. It is the only private psychiatric hospital rated three grade A in China.

The use rate of

beds is over 90%


from the Corelle hospital's prospectus can also see the current situation of the shortage of resources in psychiatric hospitals.


prospectus data showed that from 2014 to the first half of 2017, the bed use rate of Corelle hospital was around 90%. And at Wenzhou Corelle hospital, Qingtian Corelle hospital, Cangnan Corelle hospital, Yongjia Corelle hospital, etc.

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