The Tencent declared war on the chicken for eating! Outside group: if you seal it, I lose it!

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original title: Tencent to eat chicken to declare war! Outside group: if you seal it, I lose it!

hang out author: you can reverse, can count me lose!

this article for the game MAN draft, unauthorized, not reprinted!

hard core players are going to get up MAN, this is the game MAN!

Lu Benwei has been with the storm hanging down gradually subsided, but the tick the "external black market" is still a hot topic in the major social networking platform, according to incomplete statistics, the light is the "survival" of the external market Jedi of billions of dollars, almost close to the blue hole itself this market valuation. It is just a game, if the other popular online games all, external market behind the profitability can not imagine.

(image source: "Jedi survival")

Tencent TP power blue hole to death outside

?Under the public opinion of

, blue hole official has been trying to catch up with anti hang events. Not only has many announcements been posted, but also recently it has been working with TP, a well-known domestic anti hang system.

day before the Jedi survival test, a careful game player has found a folder named "TP", namely TenProtect (Tencent protection system) referred to, and the Tencent "Jedi survival" administrative micro-blog also yesterday released a heady poster, the Jedi survival national service group set up anti plug eat chicken, view the history of the most stringent external action is already imminent.

(picture source: micro-blog)

TenProtect: to make players love and hate interwoven reverse system

said TP system of Tencent, I believe that no external producers dare underestimated, often play the "hero alliance" Friends of strange TP detection progress appears in the lower right corner of the computer will not, before the start of each department, the TP system will conduct a complete comprehensive self-test on the computer, from the hard disk to read and write memory and every corner of the full range of scanning system.


level comparable to Avira antivirus engine, the natural effect is quite good, but due to the expense of many computer performance, loss of user experience, so a lot of anti cheat engines are not dare to try, although the system is not completely eliminate external epidemic, but also makes the production cost of external climbing, indirect greatly reduced the number of external users.

(image source: DNF)

from each game's Tencent could feel its strict anti hanging attitude, anti cheating decision rules is very sensitive, for example, if you play games in Internet cafes, even if you don't have hanging open, but if it is opened up, you may also be guilt "the title, because you belong to the same IP address. Because of this, the players once called it "better kill one thousand, not let go one" killer tool, love and hate.

(picture source: Tencent game security center)

Steam: hang up VAC

for the whole family.

said a Tencent is not strict, so many large multiplayer battle platform will not give the hanging good face, such as the well-known 5E platform, the anti hanging mechanism and Tencent TP is exactly the same, is the use of large area scanning way anti cheat, once found cheating on a lifetime ban, and no channel.

The famous

Steam platform is even more so, in the supervision of VAC rules, once found on behavior, not only will be permanently banned the game player game account privileges, but also jointly banned all other online games into the qualification, simply means that no matter what game on the Steam in the open up the platform will destroy the entire account.

(image source: Steam)

maybe as a civilian you don't feel what heartache, was sealed, re registration of a good


(image source: Network)

, but RMB players don't think so. If they are sealed, they will mean that many props are directly discarding. You can't take them out or sell them anymore. For some people who buy CSGO accessories, the title is absolutely "death penalty".

(image source: csgo)

features: Chinese national costume CSGO anti hanging

with Alipay

is mostly limited to the account closure, but the next manufacturer is very different, direct real name authentication + lifetime seal

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