The Department of food and Drug Administration talked about the main network catering platform: hungry, gold arch, Baisheng in the list

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original title: the food and Drug Administration interviewed the main network catering platform: hungry, golden arch, yum, in the list of


, the State Food and Drug Administration today (27 days) interviewed the hungry, Baidu takeaway, the United States Mission review group, home, golden arches (China delicacy) Co. Ltd., yum Chinese division, Sichuan Haidilao food Limited by Share Ltd, major domestic catering service platform for network.

, deputy director of the State Food and Drug Administration Sun Meijun said that at present the main part of the platform of network online meal ordering business review checks are not strictly, the responsibility is not in place, some businesses line there is a clear gap between the quality of the dishes; the distribution chain of food safety risk preventive measures is not careful, the protection of consumer rights is not timely, not a complaint handling timely issues.

, the food and drug administration has specially formulated the "Regulations on the supervision and management of food safety in online catering services", and the new method will be formally implemented in January 1, 2018. The domestic network catering service platform is required to make clear the responsibility and implement the relevant requirements of the "method".

food and Drug Administration Food Supervisor Secretary Ma Chunliang two: ordering the network access service, must have a physical store, a food business license must be processed in their own store, shall not entrust other operators to be processed. The online meal quality and component to store and to ensure that the interests of consumers.

The new method of

has clearly stipulated the responsibilities and obligations of the network platform providers, catering service providers, meal delivery personnel and all levels of supervision departments, and has made corresponding penalty clauses.

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From: 食药监总局约谈主要网络餐饮平台:饿了么、金拱门、百胜在列
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