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original title: 57 year old police met a woman to jump to the lake to save the person, the light student did not cooperate with the two people in distress


back to the unit on the road, met a middle-aged woman jump Xianyang lake to commit suicide, water poor 57 year old police Kou Xusheng erhuamoyue jumped into the icy water, will commit suicide woman ashore.

"it seems that the other person doesn't work well, and it almost dragged me into the water"

12 month 24 days at 4 pm, Xianyang City Public Security Bureau of Shaanxi Branch police Weicheng Kou Xusheng went to the northern shore of Lake Xianyang in Xianyang Ancient Ruins Museum door, suddenly heard the "splash", followed by a shout of "someone jump in the lake, come to save".

Kou Xusheng heard, hurried to the shore, three lower five except two to take off the coat, wearing warm underwear to jump into Xianyang lake, to swim to the drowning. At this time, the drowning person has floated more than ten meters away from the shore, but in the down clothes, under the effect of buoyancy, it did not sink very quickly. Kou Xusheng hurried close, grabbed the drowned man and dragged the shore hard. "The other side seemed not to cooperate, and almost dragged me into the water." Kou Xusheng said he could not attend to these things, but struggled to pull the other side towards the shore. He did not take a few minutes to drag the drowning man to the shore, and with the help of the enthusiastic crowd, the drowning man was rescued ashore. Some of the crowd called an ambulance, some help the woman to spit the water out...

just waiting for the ambulance, Kou Xusheng called his family, and his family sent him dry clothes. Kou Xusheng quietly left the scene with his family. It was not until after the event that he rescued him from the WeChat circle of friends, and everyone knew he saved the person.

"everybody's okay. It's sweet to drink a little lake,"

12 26, China Daily reporter through the surveillance video of Xianyang gudu Ruins Museum to see the 24 day at 4:22 in the afternoon, in the Xianyang Lake hesitated a short haired woman suddenly down the steps into the lake, followed by a lot of people gathered around, Kou Xusheng soon appeared on the screen, off his coat and jumped into the water. 4:27 the woman rescued ashore, no danger.

26 on the morning of the lake in Xianyang, Kou Xusheng tells the rescue after, many people walk around the lake to recognize him, "ah, this is not to save the old police, you are really good." Praise people, Ms. Wang was moved to tears, Ms. Wang was also on the scene, the woman jumped into the lake, many onlookers, not to rush into the water, Kou Xusheng jumped into the water to save people regardless of personal danger, "you see his hair is white, age is so brave, really touched people."


" the temperature of the day is only 5 degrees centigrade, the lake is colder, the old police jumped down the lake and soon saved the woman from the water. " In the ferry Ruins Museum Mr. Yang said, must be reported under the old police story.

face praise, Kou Xusheng laughed and said: "what is this, I am the people's police, I do not save the people who save?" However, after Kou Xusheng said he is still a lingering fear, water is not very good, but the age is big, the biting, if we persist in a few minutes, he may hold, "but everyone was okay, this is good, drink the water I feel is sweet." Kou Xusheng said.

these two days, Kou Xusheng jumped the lake to save people from the police of the Xianyang Public Security Bureau. All of them praised him for his brave behavior. Xianyang City Public Security Bureau Weicheng bureau deputy director of the Political Department Wu Qiong said, Kou Xusheng is the Council of the combined operations center police, from the police for thirty years of hard work, the need to save more people admire, "he is our global police study example."

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From: 57岁民警遇女子轻生跳湖救人,轻生者不配合两人差点遇险
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