The price of the hotel restaurant service in Hong Kong Hong Kong soup dish Hilton yuan

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original title: Restaurant price of hotel service in Hong Kong Hong Kong Hilton soup dish is

Inpac Doubletree by Hilton

is located in the vibrant Haicang District Center, Guangdong has been heard of high price, the focus is authentic. Finally chose a Friday night after work, rushed to the island. Adjacent to the hicang district government hall and Haicang Sports Center, the island is actually just half an hour's drive, not as far as it is.

The restaurant

"seal seal," meaning "the imperial seal". The restaurant has a long history of Chinese cuisine tradition. For twenty years' professional chef team from Guangzhou, there are hundreds of authentic Cantonese dishes with you. Guangdong dishes, soup, meat braised meat, steamed dishes, Sichuan and Guangdong cuisine, Cantonese snacks, desserts, everything. The design of the distinguished elegant, gentle music, wooden screens, imbued with the ancient relics, there are super beautiful night as added value, the price of tea restaurant to enjoy the luxury five star hotel services.

Hong Kong Hong Kong Cantonese dish soup is soup, stew soup and Cantonese flavor and clear, after drinking is not lit. To drink a cup of soup in Guangdong is perfect, really comfortable. A heat Quhuo olive stew conch, beauty truffle stew nourishing black garlic sauce, stewed meat, each cup stew is full of sincerity.

mustard cuttlefish

typhoon shelter, nine belly fish, nine belly fish is what we usually call "Si Ding Yu". The practice of using typhoon shelter is quite unique. Dishfuls golden greedy straight pharynx slobber, crisp outside and tender inside, such as snow white and greasy meat, smooth taste of people can not stop.

fish pot watercress

tea class abalone Siu Mai first eye see four small abalone lovely, can be said to be a punchline; dumplings can do such a delicate, is really quite sophisticated.