The Yang Zi diet overexert waist head width, and Chen Shu Zhuangshan, a difference of 15 years minute gap significantly!

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original title: Yang Zi diet overexert waist head width, and Chen Shu Zhuangshan, a difference of 15 years minute gap significantly!

Yang Zi is really a small child, is well known, the chubby baby face very lovable, but when they grow up, but Yang Zi was not thin, fashion is also a big problem for her!

Yang Zi is typical of the coarse face stovepipe collar shirt, elegant fashionable look at the rainbow body is very charming, but his jeans collocation flaws, the most terrible is that this pair of red shoes, more thick legs

three gathered, shirt and shorts niceking show legs, Wang Ziwen showed high waisted trousers legs, Yang Zi dress sweet, classic black and white collocation is perfect, but this pair of shoes is out of the short

leather jacket and jeans are handsome, but tight skinny jeans will be more intense and tight for girls with heavy legs. Nowadays, the popularity of wide leg trousers and jeans is just the gospel of thick leg sister.

don't know whether Yang Zi was friends Tucao, was trying to lose weight, Huang pays off, after the thin Yang purple goods dally ascension shorthanded!

tube high heels dress collocation essential, whether dress or jeans are very fashionable, Yang Zibai sweater with shorts, bold, confidence after losing weight, ~

dress self-confidence temperament is now bursting, said Yang Zi, a tight white dress has a high requirement on the body, but Yang Zi easily manage, down feather skirt elegant fashionable fairies full of ~

shortly before Yang Zi is holding Wei Chen's friends attended the concert, a white dress is very eye-catching, design and color of black and white strapless collided, generous fashion ~

this year boots will once again become a fashion craze, Yang Zi followed the trend of black boots collocation is western style, but there is no comparison no harm, a person with Yang Zi Zhuangshan, users have turned ~


this is the strength of the actors Chen Shu and Yang Zi, one after another with this dress collocation, Chen Shu a pair of black and white head heels, strong woman full range of children, although 15 years older than Yang Zi but not lose half points!

two a contrast, now Yang Zishou's waist and head almost waist width, but also some loose, so users distressed, but instead Chen Shu figure and collocation is just as well, said a thin cover 100 ugly, but thin fashion discount! return to the Sohu, see more


From: 杨紫减肥用力过猛腰没头宽,和陈数撞衫,相差15岁分分钟显差距!
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