Understanding the rules of barcode payment by the people's Bank of China

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original title: a picture read the people's Bank of China bar code payment business specification

Issued the "notice" issued by the people's Bank of Chinese

IT home news December 27th the people's Bank issued the day before, supporting the "barcode payment security technical specification (Trial)" and "barcode payment acceptance terminal specification (Trial)", requirements of the payment mechanism for barcode (two-dimensional code) payment services shall obtain the business license.

in terms of business norms, bank financial institutions and non bank payment institutions carry out bar code payment business involving interbank transactions. They must be handled through PBC liquidation system or legal clearing institution. Payment institutions should also meet corresponding business qualification requirements.

below is the bar code payment business specifications given by the central bank, more easy to understand, may as well look at:

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From: 一图读懂中国人民银行条码支付业务规范
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