The distribution of Map Resources in the Jedi desert is not uniform, and the map function will be added in the future.

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original title: "Jedi", "desert map resources" uneven distribution of resources is hot. Will the future choose the map function?

is now officially launched in the 1 version of Jedi survival. The new desert map added to the system has made many players taste the freshness of the game. Meanwhile, climbing the system and playback system has brought many new experiences to the game.

but after the launch of the official version, the new map has many critics, a game player think desert map to get resources and not the average rate, some local resources are very fat and easy to fall on the fight, but also in some places too, will lead to a resource has not been an enemy attack. And now every time it's going to get into the new map, not the old one, many players can't stand it!

, but for this reason, the official said that the future will make the function of selecting maps to play for players, so that players can choose which map to play before the game starts. For the resource allocation problem, the official also said it would adjust the refresh mechanism of desert map recently, whether correction to what extent, only waiting for the official version of the update. return to the Sohu, see more


From: 绝地求生沙漠地图资源分配不均引热议,未来将加入选地图功能?
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