The mathematical world is a great breakthrough or will be published, but only 12 people in the world understand that...

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5 years ago, Japanese mathematician will be a new moon on the abc conjecture that he posted on the Internet, this proves that if established, must be the most important mathematical achievements for decades, many problems including , strong> < / Fermat's last theorem will be smoothly done or easily solved.


problem is that almost no one can understand this paper for 5 years. This is a new moon and in two and (very mysterious how mysterious please stick to see the last), basically can't expect him to personally explain their results. The situation was in a stalemate at one time.

is just recently, the Japanese media said, the certificate has come to the end of the audit, finally to be officially published in the academic world...

note: because Mochizuki Shinichi strictly prohibited the use of the media on his home page pictures, so the main character of this article, no, photo, film.

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's most important mathematical achievement in decades may soon be published - the only problem is that most mathematicians still don't understand it.

5 years ago, Japanese mathematician will be a new moon on the abc conjecture that he posted on the Kyoto University where he the mathematical analysis (RIMS) on the home page. Over the past 5 years, the mathematical interface consists of four papers, 512 page that basically is still face Meng force. This proves that if was established, the impact will be hard to imagine -- nothing else, including , Fermat conjecture and prove that many mathematical theorems can be quite complicated which directly derived. However, almost all mathematicians who read it said that the paper is too difficult to read and judge whether it is right or not. It is too difficult for some mathematicians to understand it.

The legend of the

theory of relativity had only three people in the world can understand, this should be exaggerated (several physicists had special relativity distance only one step, and general relativity published shortly after is also widely accepted), but the market rumors of "so far only twelve people can understand the theory of the new Moon" a , it looks like a really.

A new moon

himself to the theory called "ller Teichm " theory of the universe (English Inter-universal Teichm ller, referred to as IUT), we will not Tucao full in the name of two...... According to the irresponsible rumor, the twelve people who read it are:

  • Kato Wenwon (Professor of Tokyo Institute of work),

  • Tamakawa Ao (Professor RIMS),

  • : Matsumoto (Professor of Hiroshima University),

  • Yamashita Take (Lecturer RIMS),

  • Hoshihiro Ichiro (Lecturer RIMS),

  • Chung Pang Mok (Associate Professor of Purdue University),

  • Ivan Fesenko (Professor of University of Nottingham),

  • Tan Fucheng (Lecturer RIMS),

  • Emmanuel Lepage (Associate Professor of University of Paris 6),

  • Taylor Dupuy (visiting professor of University of Vermont),

  • Kiran Kedlaya (professor at San Diego University of California,

  • )
  • Jeffery Lagarias (Professor of University of Michigan).

but not long ago, the Japanese media, the Asahi news, released an unexpected news. is a new moon paper into the review period, if approved, so this paper will in January 2018 officially published. reporter Davide Castelvecchi to the "natural" journals written confirmation, Journal said yet the final decision is therefore not receiving comments, but there is no denying media reports. If it is successfully published, it will be less than half of the ten years expected by many mathematicians.

, generally speaking, important scientific papers should first be peer reviewed, confirmed and published before they can be truly influential. But this paper may be published news and can't let everyone at ease, because it will be published in the journal "Publications of the Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences" (PRIMS) of Kyoto University RIMS is a new moon I served by the subordinate journals, and he himself is the editor of this journal. The , founded in 1964, was published by the European Society of mathematics, not a top Math Journal but a reputable regular journal. Of course, there is no rule that people cannot express their journal articles in academic journals, also have a suspicion process to deal with this problem, but it is a related to the interests of justice, will let many people doubt the review process, may be insufficient to reverse the proof of Mochizuki Shinichi's impression of you.

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