Obsessed with Iceland (below)

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original title: infatuated with Iceland (lower)

Glenn Duffy Maher Ze is an acclaimed for extraordinary beautiful place, is located in the western Iceland fellsnes Peninsula (Snfellsnes). Fellsnes peninsula is often referred to as the "epitome of Iceland", because of its diverse topography, picturesque scenery, glaciers, hot springs: volcano. Birds are also very rich in variety. The darkened cliffs of the cylindrical basalt, which are the harbors of various small fish shelters, are .

hats mountain

rocks sand beach

arched stone

disciple stone

Lake Myvatn geothermal

Golden Circle is the essence of the Iceland tour, extending from Reykjavik to central Iceland, with a total of about 300 kilometers. It consists of three scenic spots, namely thingvellir (flat GLIER National Park), geysers and golden falls, unique charm,

golden waterfall

cover SIA geyser

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