China Mobile has completed the restructuring of the company system: the company is wholly owned by the China Telecom

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original title: China Mobile completed the restructuring of the company system: the same state-owned

as the China Telecom

in the new longitude client on 25 December, according to China Mobile official website 25 news, Chellona Mobile Communications Corporation Cmcc has recently completed business registration, business type changed by an enterprise owned by the whole people is a wholly state-owned company, the company's existing business, assets, qualification, credit and debt restructuring of the China Mobile Ltd by inheritance.

in December 21st this year, China Telecom announced that it had completed the restructuring of the company system, and changed from a wholly owned enterprise to a wholly state-owned company. The name of the enterprise changed from "China Telecom group company" to "China Telecom Corp Ltd".

in August of this year, China Unicom issued a mixed reform plan. It announced that it will form diversified board of directors and managers through mixed transformation, as well as a mixed ownership corporate governance mechanism with equal rights and responsibilities, coordinated operation and effective checks and balances. (in the new APP return to the Sohu, see more


From: 中国移动完成公司制改制:与中国电信同为国有独资
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