Ni Ni wears a black lace dress, a net friend: it's a night shop.

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original title: Ni Ni wearing a black lace dress, net friend: This is the night store wind!

black dress, all the time is a thin single product, only by many girls like, easy to wear a good figure, the charm of the skirt is infinite. For the female star Ni, although the body is not fat, but the black dress, still can help to show another kind of style. This dress is very rare Ni Ni, suddenly become so enchanting, really could not cope with some.

lace design, let Ni Ni do not have a taste. Black body style, let my good figure to be highlighted, enchanting charm, sincere beauty cry you.

if the feeling of concealed, is the black ribbon to everyone's wonderful place, through the skirt of the foil, let Ni Ni more popular.

sheer style coat cuff sleeves, more fashionable, and a yellow skirt collocation, beautiful and full of sweet flavor let Ni Ni steal the spotlight.

twist braid, can make Ni Ni more lively and smart, with a white shirt skirt, deep V collar full of temptation, such a Ni Ni, can you accept it?

White Sleeveless Dress, the short and long design, make the skirt more attractive, while highlighting the white complexion, showing the beauty of Ni Ni.

is the best white mini shorts, artifact show legs, collocation a watermelon red shirt, young beautiful, very elegant, things take a sincere praise, plaid shirt.

black bra tops, proud of the chest, successfully steal the spotlight, a pair of black pants collocation at the same time, Ni Ni street was so charming, who is not. return to the Sohu, see more


From: 倪妮身穿黑色蕾丝连衣裙,网友:这分明就是夜店风!
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