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original title: why melancholy? Only "move times, Hands Up!" Pa! "| Nongchao

relationship with you today to talk about music and fashion are countless big. Say music and fashion are inseparable, the most straightforward embodiment is to write the designers and their brands into the lyrics and sing them directly. Carefully read the song, and the song is really a lot of fashion, and the classic song.

ready, immediately put on the headphones, and feel the rhythm of this "move times"!

release date: 1991-12 11

1999, Yamamoto Teruji was invited on the stage by the Japanese singer Ryuichi Sakamoto's concert.

Yamamoto Teruji, wanted to put the end of the article again, but thought to want to, feel he should be the most representative of the relationship between music and fashion. A fashion designer to do music, is certainly beyond the simple lyrics appear in a word or two.

in 90s, Yamamoto Teruji released three albums, respectively in 1991 "national, Ka - KI thou Chan (well, I want to go)", 1997 "Your Pain Shall Be Your Music", and the 1998 "Dogof Terror-" live underground. In this first representative "- was a complete cancer - cancer was Darou (why)", you can feel a kind of "do" in their clothes, the same deep black charm.

release date: 2013-7 - 4

lyrics reflect

Tom Ford for development as everyone knows, the fashion industry has had a great effect, turn the tide to save Gucci, redefine the old fashion house Yves Saint Laurent...... Here, Jay-Z compares himself into singing circles Tom Ford, showed themselves in the rap industry can not shake the position and the bursting of the confidence to the world, overbearing.

release date: 2011-8 - 12

lyrics reflect

this song by rapper Jay-Z and Kanye Kanye West collaboration "Niggas In Paris", caused quite a discussion in the past, powerful lyrics every word, almost all in a struggle with the reality of the story, where space is limited, not to say the.

worth mentioning is that, on the 2011 Victoria 's Secret Fashion Show, two people collaborated with a crowd of supermodels on the stage, which set off the whole field climax.

Jay-Z and Kanye West in the arena's dress in fashion now also appears to burst: Kanye is Versace for in H& M Air Yeezy 2 foot Men series, Jay-Z is a sports shoe;

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