The reason: the unreasonable unwarranted independence, won the 46 national recognition and Shenzhen friendly

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original title: vexatious: this country unwarranted reasons independent, won the 46 national recognition and Shenzhen friendly

there are many great Duchy of feudalism in this world, which is the meaning of the state of the princes in our Chinese custom. Was admitted to the United Nations in the principality though not much, but also the basic of peaceful coexistence and peace, but there is a European Grand Duchy from 1960 to unwarranted reasons for independence, had been 46 countries admit...


seborga, located in a Italy northwest Liguria area less than 5 square kilometers of the town. In ancient Rome, seborga had to be satisfied for the local religious identity in the twelfth Century period for the subsidiary, take seriously and continue to aid, so are recorded in the kingdom in the history. The 1815 Vienna conference separated ignored a little different land small parts of the property slightly, then Italy is the Savoy family reunification is not included in the dynasty of assets, which give seborga post independent leave reason.

, of course, for thousands of years no one to care about this, until 1963, a man named George Kallborn young hippies, occasionally written in the history of the village the old priest found this can exploit. So, having nothing to do with "small rascal seborga town during 1079-1729 was Rome's empire's duchy" grounds, instigated more than 200 villagers "restoration", and he was elected as the logical of the archduke.

then Carl Byrne seborga officially announced independence from the government of Italy, but the Italy government does not seriously, even as usual funding schools and water conservancy facilities built for seborga etc.. In 1995, Karl Byrne personally wrote the Constitution and the national anthem. He appointed a restaurant owner as the Minister of foreign affairs and the owner of the grocery store as the speaker. He began to print passports, money and stamps with the result of 304 votes for independence and 4 objections.

so, so Carl Byrne has served as grand duke in 2009 to die, because he never married have no heir to the duchy, which made a will before death: the successor must be born in the domestic public, elected by all the villagers vote, any outsiders can rule with the Principality of cebu.

2010, small builders May Hei Gatto candidate for succession grand duke, and appointed his wife as foreign minister, because of May Hei Gatto's wife was a proficient in eight languages super Curve Wrecker, also opened an influential international school, will help her husband to take care of the wells of A. In 2017, May Hei Gatto succeeded to the grand duke and announced to pay taxes to the government of Italy and to participate in the government's specific matters, and to exercise the responsibility of the principality.

is now the seborga although only 316 people, but the annual tourism revenue and stamp sales enough to make the residents have very good life, according to the official website of the seborga data show: 2016 annual per capita income of $60 thousand, nearly two times the per capita GDP in Italy. The government provided 150 civil service posts to the nationals, including 32 policing "police", 20 members of the MPS and the staff of the tourism department.

although the Principality of seborga area is very small, but also did not get out of the scenic spots and a variety of luxury shopping street, but it is with beautiful environment and strong sense of historical buildings were visitors certainly. Plus the vexatious and independent principality, nature is not difficult to attract visitors.

is interesting, principality of seborga was not Chinese admitted, but by Curve Wrecker foreign minister ability, and even Shenzhen friendly city... return to the Sohu, see more


From: 无理取闹:此国莫须有理由独立,获46国承认与深圳结为友好
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