Banks marching into the housing rental market

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original title: banks enter the housing rental market

source Title: banks marching into the housing rental market

in the "house is used to live, not to stir fry" under the big background, many commercial banks announced to enter the housing rental market. A variety of services are provided through cooperation with local governments or real estate companies. In the near future, the CCB and the Beijing branch of ICBC announced that they will provide financial support for the housing rental market. With the participation of the bank, more changes will take place in the future rental market.


Construction Bank and the ICBC respectively launch the renting loan business

days ago, the Beijing branch of China Construction Bank announced a joint ten enterprises, intermediaries to enter the rental housing rental market in the long, and mobile phone client "CCB Jian Rong home" simultaneously launched more than 1000 sets of real listings, and contains more than 70 products, a package of financial services program, fully support all market players to participate in the construction of housing rental market.

at the same time, the Beijing branch of ICBC has recently also announced that the next five years will provide a total of not less than 600 billion yuan of financing support for Beijing housing rental market participants.

"in the aspect of personal tenant service, the Beijing branch of CCB has launched the personal loan product, the first application is the longest 10 years, the loan amount is the highest 300 thousand, and the circular application can be set down from the two dimensions of rent and rent, at the same time, it satisfies the online and offline application operation. The online application reference customers in the construction of the daily financial assets value, mortgage, payroll, provident fund deposit or social security base line of credit and five factors were examined and the amount of payment; the line is mainly by providing proof of income and credit records of two aspects of the loan application. In addition, the non CCB construction of private homes, after the investigation and audit through, can also be leased under the line. The Beijing branch of the CCB said.

in addition, in the next five years, the Beijing branch of ICBC will also provide financing support for the participants in the Beijing housing rental market with a total amount of not less than 600 billion yuan, and the public can apply for the maximum 1 million yuan and the longest term of 10 years' individual housing lease loan. The day before, the industrial and Commercial Bank of China branch in Beijing city and Beijing City, low-income housing center, urban construction group, the first group, Yizhuang holdings, COFCO Property rental housing signed a strategic cooperation agreement, to strengthen the financial support of the Beijing city housing rental market construction.

concern is that ICBC Beijing branch of the main rental housing construction behavior launched the "rental housing development loans, the amount of financing of up to 80%, the total investment of the project over a period of 25 years; launched the" personal rental housing loans for individual tenants, the amount of financing of up to 1 million yuan, a period of 10 years, the whole chain, all support the development of Beijing city housing rental business.

is also known that in recent days, the Beijing branch of ICBC has also implemented the first self-supporting housing project in Beijing, which is the approval of the real estate Haidian Yongfeng rental housing project. In the future, the Beijing branch of ICBC will continue to explore new mode of Housing leasing financial services, and provide better financial services for Beijing housing rental market, with

and Beijing's main participation in the field of housing lease.

bank intervened in rental housing and triggered industry change

In fact,

, in addition to the Construction Bank and the industrial and commercial bank, the CITIC Bank and the Bank of China have announced their entry into the housing rental market. In October 30th, CITIC Bank announced its cooperation with bassia garden group to provide a 30 billion yuan long rent housing security fund. In November 2nd, the Xiamen branch of the Bank of China signed a strategic cooperation agreement on housing lease with the land resources and real estate administration of Xiamen. In November 17th, ICBC Guangdong branch and Guangzhou city housing and urban and Rural Construction Committee signed a strategic cooperation agreement, will invest 500 billion yuan to support the housing rental market in Guangzhou, Yuexiu and the Pearl River Industrial Group, work together to create a new pattern of "+ financial + real estate business cooperation. Similar "by the home loan bank, ICBC Guangdong branch also launched to the borrower for the payment of rental housing financial products" rent e loan, whether the borrower lease of public rental housing, developers government holdings of housing (including residential buildings), or other social housing can apply for loans to the icbc.

addition, Chinese UnionPay also announced the signing of the housing rental service platform cooperation agreement with Wuhan, Shenyang, Dalian and other places of the housing security and the Housing Authority, the integrated payment service as the basis, for the rental housing market participants to provide various financial products issued, application and match of inclusive financial services etc..

, no matter for developers or future professional operators, if a house is held as a heavy asset for long term operation, there must be strong, steady and low cost financial support. At present, some enterprises are issuing housing lease REITs, financing through asset securitization channels, supporting the development of long rented apartments and rental market. Banks should follow the trend, respond to policy requirements, and explore new business in the direction of future market development. This is not the future direction of bank transformation. Insiders said, the bank is the biggest spoiler, or is subversive.

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