Do you want to try the bank for "two landlords" in advance for a few years' rent?

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December 28 (reporter's kind) this year, the field of Housing leasing innovation continuously. Following the official lease platform, credit deposit free rental appears, some banks have begun to explore new housing lease financial products, banks start behind the "middleman landlord", leasing transactions which will usher in new experiences and problems?

data map: a guy in Yuhuan, Taizhou, shows a house that he found through a local renting platform. Wang Gang, a journalist from China China News Agency,

house is also able to "deposit bank" for a single year of

In the middle of

12 in the middle of the month, China Construction Bank launched a "deposit loan" for the landlord (lessor), which means that the house can also "deposit the bank".

Guangdong branch of China Construction Bank will "mortgage" into the trilogy: the landlord will sell their own housing lease to the CCB CCB, one-time payment of the full rent, for example, 5 of the annual rent of 500 thousand one-time delivery to the landlord; then, CCB will be listing by professional leasing operations for rent.

"housing ownership includes four rights: possession, use, income and punishment. After transferring the first three rights, the bank plays the role of two landlord". Jiang Bao, a lawyer from Beijing two high law firm, told Xinhua news reporters that if the contract was agreed properly, it would have legal effect. The right to transfer a certain period of lease is not illegal.

many people in the industry told reporters that such projects should select the net inflow of population into the first tier cities, first pilot, and then carry out. According to media reports, the bank's "deposit and loan" business was first launched in Guangzhou in January 8, 2018.

data map: Housing rental advertising in a residential area in Beijing.

's personal landlord is willing to try and look at the attraction of the rent,

has such a kind of "housing loan" for the bank. In Haidian District, Beijing, there is a two bedroom rented landlord, Li told reporters that if the rent initially established is not attractive, similar products will hardly be available in the first tier cities such as Beijing.


Shanghai Real Estate Research Institute report showed that the overall rent index of the first tier cities showed an overall rise in the period from May 2004 to November 2016. 58 city rental housing data show that the annual per capita monthly rent price in 2017 rose by 16.7% over the same period.

"is not clear at the moment and is not very willing to try." He said, "there is no worry about renting houses in Beijing. The rent will not be increased in the next 35 years."

Mr. Lee is worried that if the landlord, tenant, bank and leasing institution participate in the leasing mode, if there are disputes such as property loss, it will be more difficult to solve. Yan Yuejin, director of research center of the think tank center of IJU, suggested that, because of different participants, if the contract is difficult to maintain, there is still need for new innovations in the legal texts.

"there's not a lot of people willing to try." Jiang Bao bluntly, because now the rental market has become a "routine" every year, the house "bank" after 35 years can not increase the rent, temporary rescission is also required to pay liquidated damages.

, under the precondition of buying or selling the lease, if the landlord sells the house within the term of the contract, the buyer must accept the lease agreement by default, which will inevitably make the house "not sell well". Jiang Bao said.

data map: the map is the corner of the city of Chengdu, the sun is rising from the East. Liu Zhongjun, a journalist from China China News Agency,

bank's closed business rent can also be borrowed from the bank for

and "deposit the mortgage" echoes, the Construction Bank "according to the home loan" is for leasehold consumption to launch the loan products.

According to the CCB

previously announced product information, according to the tenants of the credit loans, "according to the home loan to enjoy the benchmark interest rate, the tenant credit loan amount is not more than 2 times the highest personal income, guarantee the loan amount does not exceed 3 times of personal income, the amount of up to 1 million yuan, the longest period of the loan amount up to 10 years, the fastest 1 working days of loan.


" in order to prevent the loan into a first payment for buying a house, it is suggested to strengthen the supervision of the trend of money, and even be directly remitted to a long-term rental agency as a rent. " Jiang Bao said that banks are now able to reduce the risk of funds through the link between "live in loan" and "deposit the mortgage".

Centaline chief analyst Zhang Dawei

also warned, "according to the home loan banks and other financial products need to strengthen the audit, prevent credit funds were misappropriated and other Piandai risk.

"rental housing should be measured, renting through loans is very irrational." Zhang Dawei said that the amount of money needed for renting a house and buying a house is not a meaning, and the renting depends on the loan, and it can be controlled.

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