Wu Xiaoling: government funds are less than competitive industries

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original title: Wu Xiaoling: government funds are less than competitive industries to

"the government investment fund can only be a parent fund, not directly involved in the project investment." When the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress deliberated on the report of the State Council on the rectification of the audit problems in 2016, Wu Xiaoling, deputy director of the finance and Economic Commission of the National People's Congress, suggested.

, she said, government funds should be used as much as possible in public services, education and public health care, and basic traffic construction, and less in competitive industries. In a competitive industry, it is more important to use the existing state-owned capital.

Wu Xiaoling said that the investment fund of the government is the same as the capital operation company that is now in the reform of state-owned enterprises. "The reform of state-owned enterprises is from asset management to capital management, which is capital operation company. In this sense, it is an investment fund."

, she thinks, should use the stock of state-owned capital well, instead of putting so much government funds on so many government investment funds.

"it is said that the national government at all levels to set up investment funds, guide the fund together, in nearly hundreds of billions, trillions of our public health, education, money, why not put on it?"

, she explained, now the government's investment funds have squeezed private investment funds. "Some private investment funds want to invest in projects. The government's investment funds see good ones and go to investment. Who compares with the government? Finally, it is the way for private capital to make way.

believes that in the competitive field, we should play the role of private capital. We should put state capital in key areas and play a supporting role in the national economy.

"capital operating company government investment fund is now set up the reform of state-owned enterprises, the two is one thing, should focus on the reform of the stock right, I have no objection to the incremental, but must be limited, cannot get from next to, and can only do the parent fund." (BYD reporter Meng Yaxu) return to the Sohu, see more


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