With QQ for so many years, I don't know that there's such a shamed function!

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How long have

friends haven't been to your QQ?

believes that everyone should have stepped into the holding cup, greasy and alopecia. Everyday chatting tools are the only WeChat for old people.

so the bad friends should not know that QQ has gone through these years of iterative updates, and has been quite different from that of the QQ we used in the year.

today wants to introduce a new function, ~

, to the shame of QQ.

Do you remember the

dancer face dance that has been recommended by the world? (transmission gate)

, a high energy dance studio hidden in QQ, is like the face dance, and we just have to use the body to complete the system.

don't know the dancer that the bad guys remember when they were young?


[room] high-energy dance is more like a Tencent official produced a dance blanket of cloud...

The essence of

and play the game is not how you dance, how charming you dare to ecstasy, but in a word not just a dance of courage.

as long as you have a dance in public courage, then everyone can become a Michael Jackson...

poor friends are required to complete the action given by the system as long as they are required.

QQ will be based on the degree of your action: "great", "good", "Miss", and will get the corresponding score after recording. I believe you played the dancing machine bad friends, should be on this process again.

, like this woman who doesn't want to be named, is so sluggish. The soul dancer with rigid movements can get more than 98% of the users and get a S high score.

the integrity of QQ [no] high-energy dance room, providing a total of 4 different difficult dance for selection.

the most difficult LV.4 level is almost the same, the bad friends can feel it.

In addition to this

a dance lab, Shichao QQ also found shooting something like this...

video material using abnormal

wants to try friends. You can open the QQ friends list on the top right corner + +, then select the camera in the menu, then click the most left part [pendant] option to choose [energy dance room]


right top corner [+] - [shoot] - [high energy dance room]

today's QQ is really different from that of the QQ that was used over the world. Now QQ is full of these little functions full of innocence and originality. Of course, there are also ubiquitous ads for Tencent.

is really such a creative product that is more suitable for children full of curiosity. No wonder that WeChat is used for old people.

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