Mrs. Curie won the prize for two, but she did not have her for the first time, and the second time was persuaded to refuse the prize.

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original title: Mrs. Curie won the Nobel prize two, but for the first time, she was not, and the second time she was advised to refuse to accept the award.

recently, the 2017 Nobel prize awarding ceremony was held in Sweden, this year a total of 11 winners.

1898 today, Mrs. Curie (Marie , she later won the Nobel prize for this. And, she set two records: the individual won 2 Nobel awards, and the family won the most prize (5). seems to be the winner of life? In fact, her way of winning won't go well...

1903, Mrs. Curie won the Nobel prize in physics ", to commend its research on the phenomenon of radioactivity. But she won't get the prize alone, even at first she wasn't on the list. The award was given to a famous French physicist, Becquerel and Mrs. Curie's husband, Pierre Curie.

was just thought of as Pierre's assistant at the time of >. In fact, during the discovery of radioactive elements, Mrs. Curie was more prominent in the theoretical thinking of ". Pierre prefers to do things, and the two have their own contributions. Because of her husband's insistence, the award was finally obtained by three people.

and Mr. and Mrs. Curie in the trial 1906, after three years of winning the Nobel prize, Pierre was hit by a carriage on the road and died on the spot. After Pierre's death, his student Paul Langevin helped her get out of the hardship. The two people were together for a long time, and the friendship slowly became love - but Lang Wan was a woman's husband.

Langevin marriage is not happy, he was ready to divorce, but failed; worse, he and his wife had intercepted Mrs. Curie's letter, and the public. As a result, Mrs. Curie was referred to the dismantled family of others, even known as the "Poland slut" (its Poland descendants).

Mrs. Curie (front row left one) and Lang Zhiwan (front row left two).

1911 November, Madame Curie won the Nobel prize second times (this is the chemistry prize, in recognition of her discovery of polonium and radium) news. But this award coincided with the event of langqian Wan. A famous physics scientist of the Swedish Academy of Sciences wrote to " gave Mrs. Curie, she asked her to refuse to accept the award voluntarily. But she replied: "science and personal life are not related, I will act on my belief."

Lang Zhiwan returned to his wife, and Mrs. Curie was written by some French scientists to leave France. Some people say, in fact, if Mrs. Curie is a man, she may be much smaller. Mrs Curie a close friend of life Einstein's private life is a mess of " > 16px;" for example there are two sishengnv, but few people care about these.

Mrs. Curie and Einstein 1934, Mrs. Curie, 67, went to the end of his life. After her death, finally no one to care about her respect for other things, but its devotion to science.

Mrs. Curie also cultivated many students , which is in the field of nuclear energy in a martial arts martial guru, including China physicist Shi Shiyuan, the father of the atomic bomb qiansanjiang are associated with her.