LOL 7.24B version of national service on-line, the way to weaken, but also enhance arthorn!

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original title: LOL 7.24B version of national service on the line, down the road to weaken, but also enhance arthorn!

before Christmas, the last update fist version this year, actually updates, rather than simple balance changes, so this version also known as the 7.24B version, it will update the Chinese version in the early hours of December 27th!


is a balance change, what has been changed to the game in this small version of the update?

On the whole,

is mainly focused on Heroic balance:

1, on the road to strengthen a lot, jaszo great buff!

includes the redo after Jianmo, crocodile, Cain and Kelie have strengthened in different degrees, of course there are some weakening heroes, such as Jess, teemo!

is in these changes in particular needs to be said about jaszo, this change in arthorn has been greatly enhanced, the first is the basis of magic resistance from 0.5 1.25, then Q skill base damage increased, large cast range increased from 1200 to 1400, to arthorn internationally, this is a good the news, but for some game player, jaszo must ban!

2, the overall weakening of the middle road

the road heroes are weakened, the late Tsar W Sha Bing damage reduction, Q consumption increased, blue snake woman Kutcher based attack and growth reduction, damage reduction

Carter W

3, cut the next way!

In fact, now

LOL has been very uncomfortable, but in this version of the lower road will once again usher in a weakened, especially EZ, was weakened in the last Q skill, the growth of attack speed is reduced, directly undermine medium-term ability, this can be said to cut the knife on the head. Then the blue consumption of the E skill in the female gun increased in the early stage, and the injury of Q per level was reduced by 20 levels, and the ability to burst in the early stage was cut.

This updated version of

is undoubtedly a disaster for the road, the hero is EZ from pre-season until now has a good record, but now the sword, can not guarantee their winning first? It's hard to estimate! return to the Sohu, see more


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