The foreign students have paid attention to it! January 1st, to carry them on immigration, may be off the dark room Oh

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original title: foreign students pay attention to it! January 1st, to carry them on immigration, may be off the dark room Oh ~

Final is over, Christmas is over, and many students are ready to go back to their country.

before returning to China can not avoid is to relatives and friends from some small gifts.

knows a lot about some overseas students who don't bring in entry. In the past, they know more about it. In the past, they might be smart enough to make a breakthrough.

but Junjun serious tell you, not now.

recently, the National Inspection Bureau of Shanghai, China issued a announcement to update a wave of prohibition of entry.

since January 1, 2018, deliberately concealed false, hidden objects prohibited from entering the country, was seized;

within two years of a year, more than two times of carrying or mailing prohibited entries, which are seized by law, will be punished by the Shanghai entry exit inspection and quarantine department according to the regulations, and it will be reported to Shanghai public credit information service platform.

these five behaviors will affect the integrity record

1, two or more times within a year to carry and mail prohibited entry objects were seized by law;

2, deliberately concealed, false, concealed objects prohibited from entering the country shall be seized;

3, refusing to accept the decision of quarantine treatment by violence or threat or refusing or obstructing the inspection and Quarantine of the inspection and quarantine organ in accordance with the law of the law enforcement;

4, theft, robbery, damage, throwing dynamic interception by plants and plant quarantine organs and its products;

5, the criminal responsibility shall be investigated in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations.

means that once the five acts are punished, personal information will be affected, including housing loan, integral settlement, license plate auctions and so on.

so after January 1, 2018, the following are not going back.

prohibition of entry list


, animal and animal products

(1) live animals (except dogs and cats), including all mammals, birds, fish, amphibians, reptiles, insects and other invertebrates, and animal genetic material.

(two) (raw or cooked) meat (including viscera) and its products; aquatic animal products.

(three) animal milk and dairy products, including raw milk, fresh milk, yogurt, animal - source cream, butter, cheese and other dairy products.

(four) eggs and their products, including eggs, preserved egg, salted egg, egg, egg, egg mayonnaise and other source products.

(five) bird's nest (except for canned bird's Nest).

(six) oil, hides, wool, hoof, bone and horn and its products.

(seven) of animal feed (including meat and bone meal, fish meal, whey powder, blood powder, single feed) animal medicine, animal source of fertilizer.

two, plant and plant products

(eight) fresh fruits and vegetables.

(nine) tobacco leaves (without tobacco).

(ten) seeds (seedlings), seedlings and other plant materials with reproductive capacity.

(eleven) organic medium.

three, other quarantine objects

(twelve) fungi, poisonous species and other animal and plant pathogens, pests and other harmful organisms, cell, organ tissue, blood and products and other biological materials.

(thirteen) animal corpses, animal specimens and animal derived wastes.

(fourteen) soil.

(fifteen) genetically modified biomaterials.

(sixteen) other animals and plants, animal and plant products and other quarantine objects which are prohibited by the state.

note: 1, the animals and plants and their products and other quarantine products imported by carrying or sending into the country are approved by the relevant competent administrative departments of the state and have the quarantine certificate issued by the official organs of the exporting countries or regions, which is not subject to this list.

2, pets such as dogs and cats with animal quarantine certificates and vaccination certificates issued by the official organs of the country or region, only one pet per person is limited.

From: 留学生们注意了!1月1日起,携带这些东西出入境,可能会被关小黑屋哦~
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