Magical! The whole city was named a Geopark by the state

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original title: magic! The whole city was named the Geopark

by the state

this is a magical land, here is the Qing Zhao Xing place, here is the Chinese maple leaf, here is the Chinese famous iron and steel city, the four seasons here, here is rich, long history, beautiful scenery, it was named the Ministry of land and resources for the National Geological Park, a scenic spot but, the whole city, here is located in China Liaoning in northeastern Benxi, where magic, let Benxi geological museum to decrypt.

Benxi water cave geological museum is located in the Benxi Water Cave Scenic Spot, with a total investment of 130 million yuan. Covering an area of 10000 square meters and a building area of 4200 square meters, it is the only large-scale professional museum that integrates Palaeontology, geosciences, geology and mineral resources and address remains.

looked at the magical prehistoric fossils, heart is full of surprise and admiration, the museum is divided into five areas: Earth Science Hall, the evolution of life hall, mineral resources department, address remains hall, multi-functional integrated hall, systematic display of the earth and the type of birth of 4 billion 600 million years the main geological characteristics.

in the geological museum in Benxi, there is a fossil is particularly attractive, a small piece of fossils, show nine dinosaur details, is called the nine different forms of small dinosaur fossils, playing the moment of encounter intense changes in the earth's crust, are fixed together, until the the circulation time of several thousand years, only as fossils show in front of us.

on a fossil, there are countless tortoises. What does that mean? In the late Jurassic period, the turtles of the family gathering were fixed by time, and there was a marigold fossil that we now see in the museum.

Benxi Geological Museum of geological relics displayed in the Benxi National Geological Park, prehistoric geological relics, national rare specimens of more than 30 pieces, 3300 pieces of rare specimens, including Mount Kumgang Yixian pterosaurs, Benxi oilers, Markov Yan birds eat fish etc. the only fossil specimens; Sinosauropteryx, Oba Tori is one of the world's few block the most exquisite specimens: nothosaurs, ichthyosaurs and sea turtles, such as lily, group nine fossil specimens is rare fossils in the boutique.

also has an amazing fossil in the museum, which is a prehistoric mosquito. It looks so much like a flying bird. What's the test of ancient humans?

mountain city, Benxi, is a city with rich forest resources. The maple leaf is the unique natural resource of Benxi, and the maple leaf is appreciated in autumn, and it has become the folk custom of Benxi.

Benxi is known as the capital of China's iron and steel, which has the largest single iron ore in Asia and in the world.

Benxi has eight mountains of water a sub field of the title, the mountains shake Qian Shu, a cornucopia of underground mineral resources within the territory of Benxi, has found hundreds of kinds of these mineral resources for the development of Benxi industry, provides the conditions richly endowed by nature.

has a long history, rich natural resources, make the northeast town full of charm, sunny spring, cool summer rain, autumn leaves bloom, winter ice Piao, each season has a different joy, waiting for us to find.

travel small tips

1, Benxi City distance from Shenyang Taoxian International Airport is 50 kilometers, Shen Dan Expressway via Benxi, respectively.

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