It's this winter? Watch a show at the edge of a hot spring in Songcheng

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original title: winter so? Watching the show

at the edge of a hot spring in Songcheng


] naggings travel

winter tour, think of warm nothing more than hot hot hot pot and hot pot.

if you have a long holiday, you can fly to Japan to make a soup.

if, if you have only one weekend, you might as well find a place and get a hot spring.

snow solar term just after the cold air in Hangzhou on the wave after wave, almost fell faster than winter.

for me, who live in Hangzhou, the most convenient way is the Yun man hot spring of The First World Hotel. The subway can go directly to the hot springs.

then by the way around ~


] preparations

1, card class: ID card, bank card, credit card, driving license (if it is good) all take good, with other preferential documents together. But pay attention to some cash. Although the Internet is now very developed, not all places can be credit card or WeChat payment.

2, ticket category: confirm the travel time, choose the transportation vehicle ahead of time, the high speed rail or the train, you'd better download a app, you can book the ticket at any time and anywhere.

3, digital class: including mobile phone, charging treasure (remind that if it's an airplane, it can only take two charging treasure at most, not too large), all kinds of charger, photographic equipment (wide angle, three feet and anything is good), USB data line.

4, clothing category: depending on the length of time to decide the clothes to take. Check the weather in Hangzhou ahead of time. The weather in Hangzhou has a relatively large change, and it will be a little cool to remind the thicker clothes.

5, other classes: basic toiletries, personal supplies, and so on!

6, medicine class: it is equipped with antipyretic, detoxified medicine or granule, band aid, cold medicine and so on.

[about traffic]

the traffic in Hangzhou is very developed. Airplanes, trains, and highways are very convenient. From the foreign Hangzhou in Zhejiang, the most chosen are the aircraft and the high speed rail. The people in the province choose more cars and buses.

: can fly around the aircraft to Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport, the airport from the city center near the airport, highway and city is about 45 minutes away from downtown Hangzhou, and with the provincial main city bus, direct public bus and special urban taxi service station.

train: , Hangzhou currently has 3 railway stations, namely Hangzhou Railway Station (City Station), Hangzhou East Railway Station (high speed rail station) and Yu. Trains or high - speed trains can also be selected in Hangzhou.

bus station: there are 4 main bus stations in Hangzhou, which are the passenger center, the west station, the south station and the north station. The Hangzhou Passenger Center is the most important long distance passenger center in Hangzhou. According to the geographical location of Hangzhou, the cars of the four stations were sent to different directions respectively.

subway & bus: Hangzhou has already opened the Subway No. 1, No. two and line four. It can go directly to some hot spots and train stations in the city. (ticket is also very convenient, can be used directly to buy Alipay


bus is also very developed, the vast majority of scenic spots have been accessible to local buses. In addition to the Hangzhou bus more than one ticket for the car, to coin, does not have the change.

bike: Hangzhou also recently launched many bikes, ofo bikes have Mobell bike, panda bike, if it is near the scenic area can choose the bike in front of, recommend ofo bicycle, more free time.

[about photographic equipment]

mobile phone: iPhone6s

camera: Canon 6D (Canon 16-35/2.8 24-70/2.8, Canon 50/1.4, dragon


UAV: Xinjiang Mavic pro (warm hint: no fly in many places in Hangzhou)

mapping software: Photoshop, Lightroom

video software: Premiere, After Effects

other devices: portable three foot rack, mobile phone delay bracket, video shooting stabilizer, apple notebook, mobile hard disk, reader, SD card, charger and other


[about the author]

micro-blog: @ running small East, @ travel the world of

my travel footprints:

: China: Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Jilin, Hebei, Henan, Shanxi, Anhui, Hunan, Hubei, Hubei, Hubei, and so on.

abroad: Korea, Japan, Thailand, Kampuchea, Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines and so on.


] Xing Town

Xing Town, this is a town which is closely related with the fate of the Beijing Hangzhou the Grande Canale, its prosperity and decline, and the canal can peel. Because the canal causes a prosperous here -- in the late Qing Dynasty to the Republic of China, the formation of seventy-two pieces of half past Tang xing.

Xing name, began in the late spring and autumn period. When the Wu Yue war, the country doctor Fan Li Qiantang River Nan'an fortification in Royal Wu, because expectations send cling to the name "Gu Ling". Six, located west of the mausoleum of Kuaiji County, renamed Xiling. The five generation of the party, renamed Xing

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