A girl goes to bed and puts onions in his ears. It is thought that she is mad, but after second days of bed...

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original title: a girl sleeps the onion into her ears, and everyone thinks she is a madman, but after second days of getting up,


1. treatment for scalded

cut the raw onion on the cut and press it directly against the scalded skin until the scald part is no longer painful. The juice of onions can not only relieve pain, prevent infection, but also help to prevent scalds from producing scars.

2. treatment insect bites

>3. to relieve earache

4. fever

put on the socks and slugged the onion slices under the foot of the foot, and after waking up, they get a fever.

5. antibacterial

6. supplementation of calcium and bone

onion, rich in calcium, which can be comparable with that of rape, cabbage and other calcium rich vegetables, but also contains magnesium and potassium, and the proportion of calcium and phosphorus is also suitable. Calcium is good for absorption.

7. improves the intestinal environment

burdock, onion and vegetables such as asparagus, containing oligosaccharides, not digested the stomach and small intestine, but as the decomposition of bifidobacteria and other probiotics food in e..

8. for reducing weight loss for constipation

onion is rich in dietary fiber, increasing satiety and promoting defecation. Besides, Bifidobacterium factor produced by onion is also good for intestinal tract patency.

9. anti-cancer

onion is rich in quercetin and selenium. The former inhibits the activity of cancer cells and prevents the growth of cancer cells. The latter is a strong antioxidant that reduces oxidative damage in the body.

10. to solve greasy

do some high fat meat, such as steak, grilled onions, Braised pork in brown sauce and collocation both to smell, and oily solution, reduce the body's absorption of fat.

11. lowering blood pressure lowering blood lipid

regular consumption of high blood pressure, hyperlipidemia and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular patients have health care.

12. alleviated the inflammatory response to the body

onion contains prostaglandin A, is a strong vasodilator, to reduce the body inflammatory response, regulate blood pressure, reduce blood viscosity is helpful.

13. onions can prevent insomnia