Tinder called QQ products ultra vires promotion, Ma Huateng: processing and apology

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original title: tinder called QQ products ultra vires promotion, Ma Huateng: processing and apologized to

Lei Feng network news, the evening of December 25th, launched a C client for the individual soft kill tinder security laboratory issued a "on the tinder intercept Tencent's products described in its WeChat public number". The statement said, the security software program of Tencent official tinder the poison, automatic interception, interception of the tinder, Tencent related products installation, and one module when dealing with the virus, because Tencent QQ in the promotion of "QQ browser" and "Tencent security manager", in addition to the induction of deception, common besides, there are still serious functional offside, technical means serious unconventional (consistent behavior and some problems such as virus).

co-founder of tinder security horse had 8 points that night forwarded this statement, and added: "Oh, no way, a considerable part of our time in the treatment of these. Not light, not heavy, can't stop, can't, can't let a person feel pengci misjudgment...... Have to tell the user, not the tinder."

that night, Lei Feng asked the house off the channel just before the horse, and the Tencent tinder security products have small confrontation, "explanation", this may be how to develop? The horse had said, "sometimes they give tinder (editor's note: Tencent) feedback little problem, the other party will be especially polite to thank".

12 26 was more than 7 in the morning, and the Tencent housekeeper issued an apology statement at its official micro-blog.

12 25, tinder software release notes on the Tencent Tencent recommended to install the computer housekeeper, QQ browser behavior to the user to intercept. After verification, in the recent recommendation of Tencent computer housekeeper and QQ browser, there has been an unreasonable or even hurt user experience. We have already finished the offline processing at the first time. At this point, we apologize to the majority of the users and will punish the responsible person.

Tencent insists on providing users with convenient software tools services, while committed to adhering to user experience and information security, and never indulge in any behavior that is against user value. Thank you and welcome the tinder software, supervision of the majority of users and institutions.

later, the horse had forwarded the Tencent the "apology", and said: "thanks to the Tencent honesty and courage in the tinder yesterday issued a note, quickly and thoroughly corrected the problem, and actively, good communication and tinder. As a leader in the industry, the attitude and action of the Tencent are admirable. We believe that this incident will cause reflection of the whole industry, the Tencent's example for example, will greatly promote the Internet industry standard competition, let the user more and better."

Lei Feng house off the channel learned, in the evening of December 25th, Internet critic keso forwarded the "circle of friends" product description below the tinder interception Tencent, Ma Huateng was on the night of 23:59 message, called "self, our team is indeed illegal problem. The treatment and apology have been strictly required.

has feedback tinder Baidu related products, and get timely feedback.

2017 in March, tinder has reported that through interception, analysis, tracking and verification, when users from Baidu's http://www.skycn.net/ and http://soft.hao123.com/ these two sites to download any software, will be implanted malicious code. In the morning of March 3rd, Baidu released a note on the matter through hao123 Sina micro-blog official micro, indicating that the reported situation is real, and apologized to the affected users, and informed the detailed reasons.

needs to be pointed out that the tinder is a safe start-up companies, some members of the entrepreneurial team is a rising technology backbone earlier. In October 10th this year, tinder announced the completion of Pre-A round of financing, security vendors veteran Beijing Topsec Company to inject 15 million yuan, and signed a strategic cooperation agreement. See article: "Lei Feng had just stood: oral tinder horse can make money, is my firm belief in second". return to the Sohu, see more


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