2017 | new krypton Ji Technology Venture "to air", but the quality of project is facing high overflow...

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original title: krypton 2017 new technology venture | Ji "to air", but the quality of project is ushering in the era

the best high premiumThe tuyere of

's new technology seems to have always come to "too fast" and go "too fast". In the past three years, VR, AI, block chain and other red, have been held by capital, and quickly fall down the capital of the capital, faded the mysterious color, return to normal development track.

Quweicunzhen after leaving is more rational and healthy new technology entrepreneurship and investment.

looks back on the new technology industry in 2017:

  • experienced in the infinite vision of mass, the field of artificial intelligence is still constantly broke a lot of financing, but the basic is to return to rational, steady, the industry began to focus on business, expand the application scenarios, increase revenue, to become the industry this year is the main melody.

  • with AI technology, the Internet of things industry began to transition from IOT to AIOT. Smart city, smart community and To B intelligent building and intelligent factory in To G area are beginning to be favored by capital.

  • The localization of
  • components, the overall cost of the robot industry to reduce, promote the application of rising demand, focusing on 3C automation start-up company has got a new wave of dividends, gained considerable revenue or water, focusing on the ceiling robot industry scale and valuation of the breakthrough in the two markets become a lot of capital concern.

  • UAV industry has broken through the battery, aerodynamics and engine improvement, and has opened a new application scenario of power inspection and logistics. Capital is looking for the "big hole" of the industry class UAV, but the answer is not clear.

  • Because of the introduction of ARKit, ARCore
  • , AR content based on intelligent mobile phone began to emerge a lot like bamboo shoots after a spring rain, focus on the direction of capital in 2018, and completed a new round of financing in 2017 the number of domestic technology providers, hardware manufacturers, how not to tell their story at the platform between the break, will be important to watch in 2018, 2019.

  • is limited to conservative strategy manufacturers this year contracted, VR industry still could not get out of capital low, many high-quality companies in the industry to Down Round completed a new round of financing, the carrying amount of the cash flow relatively good company in the development for business, more companies have to transition from production to outsourcing service from the VR game to host the game, AR, AI from VR even.

  • 's infrastructure in commercial and aerospace fields has been built, but how to make the car running on this "Golden Road" really become the focus of attention in the whole industry. For a while, the exploration of business mode is still the difficulty of the industry.

  • bitcoin and ICO pushed the block chain technology to the new outlet and attracted the entry of high quality entrepreneurs outside the currency circle. This technology that is considered to change the production relations and the wealth distribution mechanism will usher in a greater development in 2018.

I, the new technology on "the tuyere"

from the beginning of 2015, the "new technology", "high tech", "black technology" and "hard technology" has become the capital blue red noun.

actually what we call new technology today is not new, many have a history of decades. But compared with the previous ones, there are two characteristics: first, the form of technology cluster is organically combined to produce the combined effect; first, combined with the technology of block chain, production relations are also undergoing transformation, which is not what had happened before.

When the

online traffic bonus almost exhausted, the slowdown in Internet users; when the rapid disappearance of the demographic dividend line, labor costs increased rapidly; when Chinese economic growth turned by high quality development, is constantly optimize the economic structure; when the dimensionality reduction attack model innovation has become the past, the lack of system of capital dividend theme, new science and technology has become a new venture in the field of air. Specifically,

first, from the demand side, high technology is a new advanced productive force. According to DDT data, since 2005 ten years, China labor costs increased by five times in 2030, young population (15-39 years old) the proportion will be decreased from 38% in 2013 to 28%, to 2050, China elderly dependency ratio may be increased to 3 times now.

second, from the trend of technology development, the new technology, represented by artificial intelligence, may be pregnant with the next generation of Internet. At present, based on the emerging technologies, information input is changing from text to speech, image, data, sound and photoelectric signals, and the way of information output is transforming from search results sorting to "precise answer" and "control signal".

third, from the market outlook, the scale of the new technology related market in 2020 is 10 trillion. The "13th Five-Year" national strategic emerging industry development plan, to 2020 with artificial intelligence as the core of a new generation of information technology industry market size will exceed 10 trillion yuan. According to market research data, in 2020, the market scale of domestic robots, Internet of things, business space and VR AR were 1 trillion and 300 billion, 1 trillion and 500 billion, 800 billion and 55 billion respectively.

fourth. From the exit mechanism, the M & a mechanism in the new science and technology field is unimpeded. For example, more than 250 private AI companies in different fields have been acquired since 2012. At the same time, there is insufficient protection in domestic innovation, the willingness of large companies to buy and lower premium, which make the company become a big company.

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