The new retail sales of the book industry: the layout of the Xinhua bookstore.

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original title: new retail in the book industry: the layout line of Xinhua Bookstore, open shop under the network line!

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Xinhua Bookstore, is a kind of complex.

for people born after 1950s, a Xinhua bookstore will always grow learning memory, then can not pass the time reading, mobile network at any time, there is no such a rich cultural activities today, to accept the examination oriented education at school in primary and middle school students or adults love reading, Xinhua Bookstore is almost not even love to have to go to.

, Xinhua bookstore has been set up 80th anniversary this year. It was born from 1937 in Yanan and spread all over the country in 2017, carrying several generations of reading memory. Now it is also active in the forefront of the era and industry.


store is still

According to

reports, the data show that in 2016, the operating area of more than ten thousand square meters of super bookstore 33, Xinhua Bookstore accounted for 27; 5000~10000 square meters large bookstore 92, Xinhua Bookstore 70; 1000~5000 658 square meters large bookstore, Xinhua Bookstore 548, Xinhua Bookstore in the visible the whole area is close to the entity bookstore overwhelming presence.

however, in front of the tide of the Internet, the main battlefield of the book business has turned to the line, now young people are more accustomed to books on Amazon or other sites, search a best-selling book, through user comments, sales, electronic introduction to understand this book and then decide whether to buy, not fatigued by a long journey went to the store, ask the clerk is not related to the books, in addition, cheap and convenient to download e-books to replace the paper book reading has become a fashion.

in the face of the competition of the new situation, what kind of reading service will be turned to the Xinhua Bookstore, which has experienced over half a century and more wind and rain?

The "unicorn" under the

line will move to the online

12 20, 2017 in the Yunxi Conference - Beijing summit, Xinhua Bookstore, a wholly owned subsidiary of Xinhua Internet signed a strategic cooperation agreement with ALI cloud, the integration of the national 12000 Xinhua Bookstore physical stores, 584 publishing agencies such as the whole industry chain resources, build a adapt to the times demand cloud cultural consumer electronics business platform: Xinhua bookstore online mall.

learned that through the big data technology of Ali cloud, the online bookstore has completed the digital upgrading. The bookstore has been upgraded to "smart bookstore", and the diversified and personalized needs of consumers can be met. Xinhua Bookstore deputy general manager Zhang Yashan in the Yunxi conference said, Xinhua Bookstore, the first book of wisdom will soon meet with consumers in Beijing. That is to say, the 80 year old "old shop" knows very well that it can't be completely owned by the store.

actually, bookstores towards online is not what secret, in the retail industry, have to seize the "new" retail business, otherwise very difficult to continue the next generation complex, on the contrary, with sparse store guests, more and more old customers may forget this "once love".

in the book industry, the network bookstore has increased in the past ten years from small to large, convenient consumer choice reading people, will also have to squeeze bookstores defenseless. But looking forward to the next few years, the relationship between online bookstores and physical bookstores is expected to ease. Xinhua Bookstore updates the offline data to online, which does not mean abandoning the physical store business. Instead, it will consider how to make the offline amateur more efficient and attractive. In addition, "the biggest Chinese online shopping mall" -- Dangdang announced more than a year ago that it had to open 1000 offline bookstores. Up to the beginning of this year, 143 had been opened, and the rhythm under the layout line was orderly. The Jingdong also launched the "thousand city thousand Shop Book Corner" program in Beijing, Shanghai, Xi'an, Shenzhen, Changsha and other cities.

is a

in the corner of the Dangdang Yantai storeFrom the perspective of

policy, citing the December 24th Xinhua report, the guidance on supporting the development of physical bookstores has become the focus of this year's book industry. After the "cold winter" of the closed store tide in the past few years, the revival of the entity bookstore industry has shown obvious signs of recovery. The resuscitation entity bookstore not only becomes the spiritual landmark of the city, but also allows readers to regain "poetic" "Habitat".

can foresee that for the complex of the entity bookstore, there is a reason to continue in the era of new retail.

Author: Zhang Xin Ran

editor: Xu Ying Ying From: 图书行业的新零售:新华书店布局线上,当当网线下开店!
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