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original title: God Tucao: the watercress epic muse, refresh my understanding of the movie!

remember that domestic films become the masterpiece of a song, with brainwashed Divine Comedy, the history of the lowest score watercress movie "pure soul and Dream Entertainment" ?

next year lunar New Year's day, you will have the opportunity to see this epic true god!

yesterday noon, @ the film pure mind official micro-blog issued a "heavy" announcement:

After four days of emergency withdrawal, the

film "pure heart and dream performing arts circle" has been re filed for 2018 years. Don't forget the heart, always move forward, this is directed by @ Bi Zhifei led the team to make painstaking efforts to create sincere inspirational film, should let more people see, believe that many people will be moved, and brings a lot of joy!

then with a movie poster! Down down down

or the director personally designed and made!!!

yes, this is a seemingly casual, but in fact there are mysterious posters, calm on the surface to resist the director felt overwhelming, look at the top three stickers to understand! (@ only library and you Be There Or Be Square)

has seen insulting IQ, never seen such a naked insult to IQ!!!

review of this epic movie, there are several main characteristics:

plot rotted the sky

let's look at the official introduction of the movie first:

Haiya Film College (fictional) in recent years has been among the famous film colleges in China ranks the 2013 performance level undergraduate classes, students of art image, conditions are particularly prominent, from the beginning of the school's teachers and students concerned, known as the "quasi star class". Handsome young teacher Wen Tianyang, just graduate school, serious and responsible.

In class

, there were 17 students, 8 men and 9 women, family background, growth experience, and different personality. Can obtain professional performances in and out successfully in thousands upon thousands of horses and soldiers concern is. They are enthusiastic, all God's favored one, in the most beautiful youth, the struggle for the dream of their own.


a word word word omitted here every word!

men, namely the teacher from the director himself (as is really a versatile director), female, female, two main female N uniform in the play, our students, but look like eighteen lines of small stars face hyaluronic acid.


story is actually pretty simple: teacher performance a righteous rhetoric of film and Television Institute poker-faced persuade the students in the class do not fall into the heart of various entertainment unspoken rules of the story......

listened to the energy, but look at some of the pictures. Hey, the small action film of the island is coming.

look at some of the small chapters and names of the film for the film:


third chapters of the baby's heart, but the baby does not say

after the fourth chapters of the forest, all the birds have

fifth chapters blossom and flower, youth never return to

The sixth chapter of

is pure and precious, and the price of purity is higher

The seventh chapter

say forget, there must be echoes of

alone, read down the catchy rhymes!

poster low out of the earth

's Movie Poster spread on the Internet is this:

this painting, as I was young, I saw the pirated video tape on the street as the cover of 10 Fen!

however, the film side later "rumor" that the two is out of the poster, "we get in the film community to raise public and financial support, have the money to hire a professional poster production team, made the first concept POSTER" in 2006:

look at this glittering yellowish yellow, is it not to be cut from the old package ?

then the posters before the film was released in September:

is really 12 years of production make painstaking efforts, 12 years to keep the aesthetic level of eighteen lines of small town.

low poster face outside of the earth after questioning, copious and fluent written four or five thousand words guide "rumor", the core meaning is:

1. we have no money, no resources, no experience, it is good to be able to make it.

2. took the posters out of the two years ago and was strict with the director and the movie.

From: 神吐槽:这部豆瓣史诗级神作,刷新了我对烂片的认识!
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