LOL national uniform release out of print skin players slots: is the game cool?

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recently near the end of the year, LOL national service activities are more and more, in addition to the common "lottery, recently had a Teemo financial plan, filling 500 back to 500, it looks really good, then followed by a variety of skin age limit shelves, including chicken three limit, the year of the Dragon jinx, even before the 2000 yuan can unlock the chop star sword easy to master.

of course, but this is not the end, with the line of these activities, serving the country continue to release news and 3 follow-up activities will be launched, which is the Akari's gold shop mall, half price and a suspected lottery exchange activities of lotus skin kharma.

actually, there are not any skin discount activities on holidays, but many players say that you have a discount. Why do you make some out of print rare skins like this? At the guardian statues, chop star Ruiz (compensation Cut 2 choose 1 star sword) and lotus Calma skin!

netizen comment:

is ugly and cool.

this game is really finished, the lotus order is taken out of the lottery, and then estimated that next month 199 sell you

as for my day, how to see it is to squeeze a bottle is a bottle of the attitude of the operation, the future of LOL is so not confident (actually I do not have confidence)

Qigong's lotus flower order comes out, pill pill? I want to buy the eyes of Leo, plan to take out and sell it,

The skin

activity to see how wrong, what treasure skin nachulaimai, but also what the financial fund, revealed deep eggs taste

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according to the latest survey data show Internet cafes, eating chicken has surpassed LOL to become the first heat standings, while the TX has won the national service agency, it is very likely in the next year the focus will shift to here, so there are a lot of friends said it was killed in discharging mill feeling. Of course, back to LOL tournament this piece is very popular, but the game itself has indeed fallen heat. return to the Sohu, see more


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