At the same time by four men and love as a gimmick, the challenge Mobile Games pesticide and chicken | on Krypton.

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original title: by four men at once fall in love as a gimmick, the challenge Mobile Games pesticide and chicken | on Krypton

this is going with your son krypton 281 day -

Hello, I'm the krypton cosmological

recently I was in love with

and 4 men

when the king glory dilute

all around male colleagues eat chicken

a romantic novel version of a girl's hand swim across the world

let countless women fall into the

games in

in the development of Marysu's plot

players can produce fetters with a variety of men.

besides plot dialogue interaction, they can also

to give you a phone call, a second back to the circle of friends...

but if this game you are not krypton gold

then there is no possibility of playing

in the later period

only by repeating the plot to scrape out

's view on this net friend is:

@ water

you and I do not have

all by me to fill the money

@2cha "

> I really don't understand why this game can fire

friends for thousands of flowers to draw a virtual character?

> the key she can not get...

you can give me a phone call that is disappointed in the game.

I charge cheap

mobile 136xxxxxxxx

@, smoke, smoke, smoke,

today " husband " did not give me a phone

is it reminding me to want krypton gold,

direct open price bar

please tell me

how much gold can sleep to krypton white

to the Lao Lao

would you like to swim for krypton gold for this girl's hand?

optimistic about the development of women's hand tour?


* "child" is 36From: 靠同时和四个男人谈恋爱为噱头,这款手游挑战农药与吃鸡 | 唠氪儿
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