Dong Mingzhu for the GREE mobile platform: not that the millet is not good, I have some of you have not sold me? ​​​​

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original title: Dong Mingzhu is GREE mobile platform: it is not that millet is not good, I have none of you, have you sold me? news December 27th, well-known financial blogger Cao rocks in micro-blog, Dong Mingzhu praised GREE mobile phone: who said we didn't have to live on the mobile phone, selling well, long standby time, the screen is good, easily tired eyes, GREE home appliances interworking with Internet, not to say that millet is not good, I have none of you I sell, too? ????

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4 years ago, GREE and millet, the owner of the same platform, received the award, Lei Jun said that if the turnover within 5 years can not beat GREE, then lost to Dong Mingzhu a piece of money. Dong Mingzhu responded directly to "bet 1 billion". In 2018, GREE electric boss Dong Mingzhu and Lei Jun millet head "one billion bet" will usher in the bottom of the dust settles, the moment.

as of the third quarter of 2017, the turnover of millet was close to GREE. Although millet is still backward, but the growth of millet is far more than GREE. Industry insiders predict that in 2018, GREE's new business will still be difficult to drive its revenue growth.

earlier in an interview with CCTV financial, Dong Mingzhu responded with Lei Jun bet will expire 1 billion said: "I believe I can win, in fact want money really is not too important, more is through such a (form) motivate people, I think more is to let more people have a passion." return to the Sohu, see more


From: 董明珠为格力手机站台:不是说小米不好,我有的你们都没有,卖得过我吗? ​​​​
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